The Process

At Allstar Mediation Group we are not locked in to a specific process for your mediation. We understand that each case is unique and the parties to each dispute bring their own individual perspective to the table. We will work with the clients and the attorneys to find a way to address the conflict that will make sense to each side and will offer all parties a solution that is a reasonable and acceptable resolution to the problem.

We are here, and we will listen, and work to find a way.

Why Works

Benefits of Mediation

  • Gives client control of their destiny in the dispute
  • Allows the parties to be 'heard' and yet reach an agreed resolution of the issues
  • Brings 'closure' to the pending issues that may have disrupted lives for an extended time
  • Saves time, money and efforts that would be lost if the case is not resolved
  • Allows the parties to better understand the perspective of the adverse litigant and encourages better understanding